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San Diego Same Sex Divorce Lawyers

Same-sex couples are permitted to marry in California. As spouses, the dissolution of marriage process is essentially the same as it would be for opposite-sex couples. Similarly, same-sex couples may need a Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement if they wish to define their rights or obligations in a manner different than normal marital partners.

As an alternative to marriage, California law provides for registered domestic partnerships for parties involved in a same-sex relationship, as well as individuals over a certain age. A registered domestic partnership provides for many rights and obligations similar to those of married persons. It is possible for clients to have both a registered domestic partnership and a same-sex marriage. In the event of a dissolution, it is appropriate to take legal action to formally terminate both relationships.

Get Assistance from Skilled Family Law Attorneys in San Diego

The Law Offices of Beatrice L. Snider, APC is experienced in drafting domestic partnership agreements, registration of a domestic partnership, and filing the necessary actions to terminate domestic partnerships and/or same-sex marriages. It is important the client understands the differences between same-sex marriage and a domestic partnership arrangement.

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