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A Marvin action is the common name given to litigation between non-married, cohabitating parties. In the original case of Marvin v. Marvin, Michele Triola Marvin contended she abandoned her career as an actress to be a help mate for Lee Marvin, based upon his promise to share assets and provide for her support.

Although the California Supreme Court did not uphold the trial court’s judgment in favor of Ms. Marvin, the opinion established the right to enforce promises between cohabitating partners.

What Facts Must Be Proved in a Marvin Action?

In San Diego County Family Court, all Marvin actions are assigned to our family court for adjudication. To prevail in a Marvin action, a party must establish the existence, or non-existence, of a contractual relationship.

The validity of such a claim turns on the facts of a particular case, including the length of the relationship, the joint acquisition of assets, the joint establishment or working in any business entity, the nature of the promises made, the credibility of the parties, etc. Particularized legal knowledge is required to evaluate the viability of a case and to obtain evidence necessary to properly try the matter.

Results-Oriented Legal Counsel

“I asked Ms. Snider’s firm to pick up my case in process when previous counsel could not bring the matter to any sort of conclusion. The ongoing process was very emotionally taxing and had my entire life held in suspension. I sought this team’s assistance to bring the case to a fair and timely conclusion. Beatrice and her staff of professionals listened to my preferred direction very closely, developed a workable strategy, untangled the existing situation quickly, and had the matter completed and through the court in less than 5 months. Great closers; No loose ends. Their fee estimates were spot on as was their likely settlement projection. The entire staff is wholly competent and very responsive – No voicemail – ever. In my case, closure meant beginning the healing process. I could not be more grateful nor recommend this firm more highly. I can breathe easy once again.”

Our San Diego Family Law Attorneys are Highly Experienced with Marvin Actions

The Law Offices of Beatrice L. Snider, APC has prosecuted and defended against Marvin actions. Contact our San Diego family lawyers to discuss your case and legal options.

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