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Paternity Laws In California


If parties were not married at the time of the birth of a child in California, it is important to obtain a judgment of paternity. Although certain presumptions apply to a father who is listed on a birth certificate or has signed a form acknowledging paternity, without a judgment of paternity, the rights and obligations of each parent are not fully specified. Our paternity case lawyers have specialized experienced in this area of family law.

If a client questions whether or not he is the biological father of a particular child, DNA testing may be requested. The ability to contest paternity or require testing may be lost if not demanded within a certain limited period of time. As part of a judgment of paternity, the San Diego Family Court is empowered to make orders for child custody, child sharing and child support.

It should be noted the Court seals files in paternity cases. Copies of orders or pleadings are released to counsel or the parties only, unless there is a court order to release information.

Get Help for Your Paternity Case in San Diego, CA

The Law Offices of Beatrice L. Snider, APC has experience in representing clients in paternity cases brought by both mothers and fathers. If there is a dissolution matter pending, a judgment of paternity can be established in conjunction with the dissolution of marriage, without the need for the filing of a separate action. Call the firm at (888) 860-8544!

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